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PhD-IMEG has organized a versatile group of people including students, scholars and researchers. We have started our prosperous doctoral programme, at the University of Genoa and at Partner Institutions in Engineering. Our vision is to achieve technical and scientific advancement and transform research results into industrial innovation in service to society. We offer the following extensive range of topics in our PhD programme:

  • Mechanics of Machines

  • Machine Design

  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD) & Engineering (CAE)

  • Robotics

  • Measurements

  • Energy Production

  • Materials

  • Management

We have three divisions within PhD-IMEG at the University of Genoa, and about 60 people are actively involved and pursuing to achieve the programme mission.


  • Advancing the knowledge in the areas covered under the programme

  • Achieving this advancement from the cooperation and collaboration of scholars, researchers and students

  • Operate in partnership with companies and societal stake holders giving concrete and practical targets and solutions

  • Operate with the support of National and European public bodies, providing framework and funding

  • Operate in a network of researchers, teachers, institutions, companies, public and national bodies

  • Provide education to our students, enlighten their minds, and develop their skills and attitude to innovation

  • Build integrity and strenghten an ethical attitude in all of us, students, scholars, researcher

  • Tend to make every student perform and reach beyond his/her mentors and seniors


These are the targets we want to meet:

  • Innovation: of methods, products, designs

  • Improvement: of what exists or is in use

  • Freedom: of people thanks to technology

  • Impact: in more fields of knowledge, and on industry and society


This is how:

  • Courses: in all disciplines covered by the programme, and shared with other doctoral programmes

  • Seminars: widening the scopes of the programme, involving experts in the network and beyond

  • Summer schools and Get-together: supporting our young colleagues to build their personal networks, and promoting the exchange of ideas and cooperation between people and institutions

  • Research facilities: always in progress, in development, built and rebuilt following the needs of research, people skills, the new ideas coming

Achievements to-date

  • 60 PhDs have completed the programme: half continue as researchers in Universities and Institutions all over the world; half move to join companies

  • 26 PhDs are currently enrolled

  • 1.2 M euro in terms of research grants contracted in the last five years

  • Students from 12 countries embrace the programme

Next objectives

  • Develop the links between design and material science within the programme.

  • Widen the list of nationalities of the students making the programme more attractive to specific areas. Extend the duration students spend in partner Universities and Institutions abroad.

  • Extend co-tutoring with partner Universities and Institutions, within cotutelle agreements.

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